About the YPC

The Rugby Portobello Trust Young Patrons Circle supports the work of The Rugby Portobello Trust, who work with children, young people and families from in and around North Kensington, an area of the UK with some of the highest levels of deprivation and poverty amongst children. Despite being in one of the richest boroughs in the UK, one in four children in Kensington & Chelsea were living in poverty at the start of 2019/20. With the current cost of living crisis, that rate is expected to soar over the coming months and years.

The RPT YPC gives us the opportunity to engage with young supporters, while the funds raised through the programme give us the security and flexibility to develop and adapt our programmes to suit the ever-changing needs of the local community.


Besides supporting the work of The Rugby Portobello Trust, the RPT YPC has some great benefits to members, including free tickets to our annual Christmas Drinks Party and access to Patrons-only events including the annual Patrons Party, as well as RPT YPC Socials, which give you the opportunity to meet other members of our Young Patrons Circle.

You will also be invited to attend our termly Patrons Forums, where we discuss issues affecting our local community with those working to make a difference, as well as those supporting or benefiting from local programmes. Topics will be timely and relevant, including knife crime, child poverty and young people’s mental health.

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The Rugby Portobello Trust is more than 80% funded through events and donations from trusts, foundations and members of the local community. This funding allows us to trial new approaches, adapt our services quickly and offer bespoke support to young people not fully supported through statutory services.

It costs £1.2m to keep our services running, including our academic, employment and mental health support programmes; family support services; and skills building programmes that use sport, art and games to support the development of children and young people.

Funds raised through the YPC give us essential unrestricted income that allows us to be flexible and creative in our approach to both new and systemic issues facing our young people. The flexibility of this funding means we can adapt quickly, run pilot programmes to test new approaches and make decisions based on the local landscape, rather than any wider directives, and simultaneously give you, our supporters, unrestricted access to see the impact of your support.

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The RPT Young Patrons Circle has four flexible subscriptions:

• £150: individual membership, one year

• £135/year: individual membership, three years

• £200: household membership, one year

• £185/year: household membership, three years

Please note that both individuals should be 40 or under and live at the same address in order to register for the household membership.

If you’re over 40 and not yet ready to join our main Patrons Programme (£500+ annual subscription), please get in touch: youngpatrons@rpt.org.uk

Why the YPC?

Still not sure if The Rugby Portobello Trust Young Patrons Circle is right for you? Hear from three of our founding members about why they chose to support RPT and be a Young Patron:

Why I chose The Rugby Portobello Trust’s Young Patrons Circle

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